This blog is not unique and that’s okay

In the past I’ve always thought that unique is the only thing of value. Anytime I’ve ever decided to start a website or business I’ve always spent countless hours thinking of just the right domain name, slogan, unique selling proposition, etc. As you can see all of that is thinking. It’s all paralysis by analysis. I spent so much time thinking and not enough time executing that by the time I got to the doing I was burned out. I’ve thought my way out of a hundred great ideas.

Many years ago I wrote down my values. One of those values was “think less, do more.” That’s not an original phrase. You can find literally 1000s of articles and sites dedicated to taking action. Hell, even big consumer brands encourage action. Nike says JUST DO IT, Home Depot says MORE SAVING, MORE DOING. There are an infinite number of variations on the theme;

  • think less, feel more
  • stop thinking, take action
  • think less, be more

The basic ideas on this site are not unique, nor are many of the thoughts I share. I didn’t obsess over the name or the domain name and how I was going to market anything. I just decided one morning to create this and I just did it. I’d like to think my voice is unique and that some of my insights on the matter will be unique but even if they aren’t that will be okay. Why? Because I am DOING this as much for me as for you. Writing is doing.

You can’t wait until everything is perfect or until you’ve thought of everything. In the words of marketing guru Seth Godin:

You ship. You ship your best work, when it’s ready. Not after it’s ready, not when it’s too late to make a difference, and yes, of course, not when it’s sloppy or unformed.

But you ship. You’re on the hook, you made this, it’s ready. Ship. Without excuses.

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