Who is this guy?

By day, I am the world’s most sought after financial coach and investment guru. When I am not helping people discover and conquer their relationships with money, I am a husband, father, beer drinker, sports fan, philosopher, DIYer, curmudgeon, and hack wordsmith. To boil it down; I like rocks, conifers, rivers, mountains, fiddles, banjos, bagpipes, punk rock, reading, golf, science, authenticity, simplicity, and thoughtfulness. Oh, and I like to help people.

Why should you read what I have to say? Not sure really. I have a tendency to take everyday stories and embellish them into something profoundly funny. I can be serious or lighthearted. I can rant or be empathetic. I usually think about most things in painstaking detail and can offer an opinion on any of them. Hell, I’ll even make one up for you if you demand it. Confabulation anyone?

I am a somebody and a nobody. I am here to share. If you like it, great! Let me know. If you don’t that’s okay too. I need enemies.

My favorite phrase is General Autoregressive Conditional Heteroskedasticity.

That seems like enough to get us started.

Some posts that may help:
Here we go again – some funny thoughts on blogging.
Now Serving – Slices of Jeff – if you’re curious.

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